• Only 50m away
    • 1000m

    From north to south, the first beach that is in front of the camping found on the coast of Benicarló is «Mar Xica». This beach, which measures approximately 1000m long, is completely open to the sea. It is equipped with the necessary services to guarantee a peaceful and comfortable day on the beach.

    During the summer, typical «snack bars» are set up along this beach, making it possible for you to enjoy the best traditions in seafood cuisine, while the taste of the sea still lingers on your lips.

    • 250m

    Towards the south, and following the promenade, is Morrongo Beach, located next to the fishing port. This beach is a cove (250 m) and is ideal for families. It has fine sand and the quality of its waters, standard of cleanliness and services earn it the Blue Flag award year after year.

    A range of leisure activities for tourists can be found within the environs of Morrongo Beach, ranging from hotels and restaurants to bars and cafeterias.

    • 800m

    Continuing towards the south, and parallel to the road that links Benicarló to Peñíscola, is Gurugú Beach or «The large shell». Measuring 800m in length, it is a strip of coast made up of boulders and sand. It is largely unspoilt by overcrowding from tourists, and here you can peacefully enjoy the sun and water sports.